Shingle - natural gravel is sought after for its beautiful appearance and soft form

Natural gravel products for driveways and garden paths are frequently called shingle (courtyard gravel, pea gravel). Natural gravel can comprise of stone graded in different sizes or be partly crushed, larger stones. Shingle is perfect for courtyards, pathways and as a drainage material.

The use of stone is on the rise throughout the world. One reason for this is the attractive appearance of natural stone and its long life. In addition, compared to other materials, very little energy is used during the life cycle of stone as a building material, i.e. from quarrying to use.

One of Sweden's environmental targets implies that the use of natural stone must be avoided to preserve gravel eskers for our future supply of water. It is therefore recommended that primarily we crush gravel. Natural gravel should only be used where it is motivated from a cultural standpoint, for example, in palace gardens.

At Ballast, we develop replacement products from crushed materials to decrease the use of natural gavel, for example, in the manufacture of concrete.