”Premises reflect the brand”, Icare Finland Oy, Plaza Business Park

Icare Finland Oy hoped to find the flexibility needed by a growing company at its new business premises. Inviting and homely premises representing the company's image were designed at Plaza Business Park.

When you step through the door of Icare Finland, you come into a comfortable living room where the company starts each week with a general Monday morning meeting. The living room opens up on to two conference rooms, a traditional Zoo and a relaxing and creative Park decorated like a summer yard. Around the corner, there is a kitchen, employee desks and more conference rooms.

The premises play an important role in relation to the enjoyment and efficiency of employees. Each employee has been able to decorate their own work areas, and we have invested in ergonomics, lighting and furniture, says Marketing Manager Kirsi Järvinen.

Flexibly according to growth

The expertise of Icare Finland, a specialist in IOP measurements, is based on patented Finnish rebound technology. In practice, this refers to devices that serve to measure the intra ocular pressure in a patient-friendly and precise manner without any local anaesthetics.

"We have customers from all over the world, ranging from opticians to researchers, and from first aid practitioners to vets. Our products have been warmly received and we have maintained steady growth. We are looking for controlled growth, to which our premises need to be able to respond," Järvinen says.

The company is particular about its brand, which has been built with care and determination. "What our premises look like comprises an important part of our brand. Our premises say a lot about us, and are also significant considering the recruitment of new talent."

Attention to every wish

After the company outgrew its previous premises in Leppävaara, Espoo, it was only natural to move into Tuike at Plaza Business Park because its parent company, Revenio Group Corporation, was already located in Äyritie. Currently, Icare Finland fills the entire sixth floor together with its parent company. Their close proximity makes working together even more easy and quick.

According to Järvinen, the premises are functional, efficient, comfortable and modular. At the design stage, all wishes and last minute changes were taken into account. The good lobby services and restaurants are additional pluses, together with the neighbouring parking garage and the storeroom in the cellar.

"Because we are an export company, we also travel a lot. That is why this location next to the airport is ideal for us."