”Natives at Aviapolis”, Sandvik, Plaza Business Park

Sandvik represents Vantaa Äyritie natives by having operated there since 1967. The area is still familiar even though the forest landscape has changed into an urban business centre along the years.

Sandvik, a company specialising in metal tools and methods for workshops and special steels, owned the land on which the third phase of the current Business Park was built until 2006. Before moving in to Tuike, the company's home was Allegro at Plaza Business Park.

"Our lease agreement was ending, and we needed more cost-effective premises. Tuike was the perfect spot. We had 500 square metres of functional and compact space on the top floor with our own terrace," says Sales Director Seppo Salokanto.

Flexible premises

If the previous facilities mainly consisted of open-plan offices, the idea was to have more office rooms and quiet work areas at the new premises. There are also a sufficient number of conference rooms and an open and comfortable living room.

"In summer, the terrace is a popular place. It is a place where people go and enjoy a cup of coffee or work with their laptops," smiling Salokanto says.

The flexibility of the premises is vital for the company. Some employees are at work every weekday from eight to four, while some spend most of their week travelling and, at times, there are employees visiting from other parts of the Helsinki region.

Fulfilled wishes

According to Salokanto, good premises are worth the investment from the point of view of employees, customers and the brand. "As we represent a premium brand, the premises act as a calling card. This is an investment which repays itself."

Sandvik values the Business Park's lobby services, storerooms, leased conference rooms and restaurant services. Being close to the airport is a significant timesaving factor for an international organisation.

"Working with NCC was productive. All of our wishes were fulfilled, even though changes were made right up until the last minute. The premises are exactly what we wanted from the very beginning."