A picture of the auditorium of Karolinska Institute, with the glass facade reflecting other buildings off-camera.

Auditorium, Karolinska Institute, Solna

Commissioned by Akademiska Hus, NCC has built an auditorium for Karolinska Institute in Solna. The seven-story building has a spectacular, leaning form and in addition to the auditorium, also contains a restaurant, café and office premises.

The building has a soft, triangular form, with one corner “leaning” sharply over Solnavägen. The façade is anchored in a glulam frame, which contributes to the building’s unique appearance. Large glass surfaces create a sense of transparency and an inviting openness. The exciting architecture was designed by Wingårdhs Arkitekter.

The project was technically advanced and attracted a lot of attention. NCC carried out this project in collaboration with Akademiska Hus, and we were able to combine our forces to find the best solutions – both in technical and financial terms.

Large capacity

With seating for 1,000 people, the new auditorium can be used for Nobel Prize lectures, seminars and other events. It is also envisioned that Karolinska Institutet will be able to use the premises for lectures related to its research and educational activities.


The project was executed in the form of a collaboration contract, corresponding to NCC’s model for partnering. Characteristic of such a model is that all parties in the project work together to find solutions for the construction assignment based on an open and trusting collaboration, in which the respective fields of expertise of all partners complement each other through every stage of the project.