Several wind turbines are visible among a forest skyline.

Blaiken – The largest wind farm in the Nordic Region

Just to the south of the Blaiksjön lake in Sorsele, NCC has built 30 turbine foundations with corresponding roads for a wind farm. This makes it one of the largest land-based wind farms in northern Europe.

Fully developed, the wind farm will comprise up to 100 turbines with an installed capacity of 250 MW, which will generate 700 GWh per year. This equates to the annual electricity consumption of 150,000 apartments. This wind farm can help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 640,000 tonnes per year.

NCC’s commission comprises the second phase, with 30 foundations, roads and plans. The work –carried out by Blaiken Vind AB, which is jointly owned by Skellefteå Kraft and Fortum – adheres to Swedish and international targets for renewable energy production.