The new Carlsberg City District, with a distinctly silver coloured building at the forefront, connected with other buildings and with a plaza in front.

Carlsberg City District – Building Zone 8

NCC Construction to build first phase of a new district in Copenhagen.

The Carlsberg City District is to be built on Carlsberg’s old brewery site in Copenhagen V. In all, 567,000 m2 of new buildings will be erected in the south-east corner of the site over the next 15-20 years.

Building zone 8, covering 101,000 m2, will include a new campus for University College UCC, which from 2016 will be able to bring together all its educational programs in the Carlsberg City District. More than 10,000 students and 800 staff will be based at the site.

In addition to the UCC educational facilities, there will be shops, offices, residential buildings, including a 100-meter high residential tower, and an underground car park.

The building project will realize the vision to reinvent the interaction between business enterprises, shops, homes and cultural institutions that was a feature of the medieval city of Copenhagen. This will create a compact, vibrant and sustainable district that benefits both residents and users.