A working truck is paving the road stretch of Geiranger, going through the massive fjords and mountains of Norway.

Get a bird's-eye view of the Eagle Road paving job

In mid-October, NCC paved Eagle Road in Geiranger (county road 63, Ørnevegen). A film has been made of our work on this stunningly beautiful stretch of road. Follow foreman Arve Flaaskog and his paving team on the job.

Paving Eagle Road was a challenging task. It is narrow, winding and busy. What is more, the asphalt had to come from Ålesund – an 8-hour boat ride away. A total of 2500 tonnes of asphalt were laid, and it took considerable planning and commitment.

After the asphalt production in Ålesund and the shipping to Geiranger, the asphalt was transferred to the trucks on the quayside. Here it was essential to keep the tourist quay clean. “We were clear that the boat had to be unloaded without any mess,” says project manager Per Lensebakken, who was responsible for planning the Eagle Road project.

The actual paving was completed by Arve Flaaskog’s paving team, who did a fantastic job of keeping the work running as smoothly as possible. The road is narrow and winding, and there was not much space for passing vehicles. The traffic also had to be manually directed while the team worked.