The Falcon Business Park building is in the background to the left, with red cinderblock walls. In the foreground is a large, textile-made sign denoting the business park.

Falcon Business Park - In the heart of the largest technology centre in Northern Europe

Falcon Business Park, the high-class office environment in the Otaniemi area. These business premises have been designed with the surrounding nature in mind.

Falcon is closely connected to Otaniemi, not just in terms of its functions but also architecturally, using red burnt brick as the dominant exterior face material.

Falcon offers modern, functional business premises for large, medium-sized and small companies alike. The office premises can be flexibly modified and you can have new premises designed just for your company. You can also select the services your company and its employees need in their everyday life from the extensive service selection.

Falcon Business Park consists of four buildings, Hali, Tinnu, Lago and Gentti. All four buildings have already been completed in 2011.