Illustrative interior of Flintholm Company House 1. Shown is a catwalk going through the building, with connecting staircases and lifts.

Flintholm Company House I

Immediately adjacent to Flintholm Station, at the boundary between Frederiksberg and Vanløse, lies Flintholm Company House.

Flintholm Company House has the busy Flintholm Station as its nearest neighbor and comprises 21,000 m2 of offices as well as underground parking and around 3,000 m2 of cafés and shops. There is direct access to convenience stores from platform level and to shops and cafés from Dirch Passers Allé.

The complex was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter with all the familiar benefits of a Company House® in the form of a shared canteen and kitchen, conference center and reception.

Current tenants include three pension funds, DEAS (formerly Dan-Ejendomme A/S) and CBS (Copenhagen Business School). The final vacant spaces can be fitted out for new tenants in four months.

New District

The Flintholm Allé/Dirch Passers Allé site in Frederiksberg Municipality is in the final phase of a successful and ambitious development plan with an excellent balance between residential, retail and commercial development and a large municipal project comprising a house of culture and movement (KU-BE) and a swimming pool directly north of the metro line by the pedestrian and cycle bridge.

All roads lead to Flintholm

When public transport runs often and close by, all the statistics show that it is the preferred form of travel to and from work. The vast majority of people doing business at Flintholm Company House therefore arrive by S-train, metro or bus because Flintholm Station has perfect connections in all directions and the complex is virtually located on the platform.

It is also easily reached by car via Ring 2/Grøndals Parkvej or from the city via Finsensvej. There is parking attached to the complex and free public parking in the local area.

The numerous commuters who use the station every day and the many local residents ensure that the streets are full of life. In 2012, passenger numbers topped 35,000 on weekdays. It is expected that there will be around 55,000 passengers on weekdays when the site is finished.

During the day, metro trains (lines M1 and M2) and S-trains (Lines C, H and F) are so frequent that, on average, a train rolls into the station every single minute. Added to that, there are 38 bus connections every hour. The reorganization of the bus network in 2013 will mean around 60 bus departures an hour in future.

  • 8 minutes by metro to the city
  • 12 minutes by S-train to Copenhagen H
  • 23 minutes by direct metro to the airport
  • Within cycling distance of the city