A view of slightly snow covered tracks running into the distance.

Gardermoen Line Venjar-Eidsvoll, Akershus

In 2018, NCC won a contract with Bane NOR to build a stretch of double track on the rail line from Venjar to north of Eidsvoll station in Akershus. The new double track will be operational by autumn 2022 and the contract work will be fully completed by summer 2023.

With the contract signed in September, construction work on the rail project started up towards the end of 2018. The project is being run as a turnkey contract and is worth NOK 1.625 billion excluding VAT.

The nine kilometer stretch of track from Venjar to Eidsvoll North will gain around four kilometers of new track parallel with the existing track from Venjar to Eidsvoll station.

Extensive work

Around four kilometers of new double track will also be built north of Eidsvoll. In addition, there will be a 380 meter soft-ground tunnel, several rail bridges and culverts and rail engineering upgrades at Eidsvoll station. In total, over a million cubic meters of earth will have to be excavated from the site.
The construction work will take place alongside the existing rail line, with Eidsvoll station also remaining open for the duration of the project.

Environmental mitigation

NCC’s subsidiary Carl C Fon has conducted preparatory work and carried out measures aimed at mitigating the impact on nature and the environment for the Venjar-Eidsvoll-Langset project, under a separate contract with Bane NOR. As part of this project, 450,000 square meters of topsoil has been put into “storage” for the period of the construction work.

Renate Berget

District Manager, Civil Engineering, NCC Infrastructure