View of a motorway running off into the distance with Nordic landscape around it.

Two new links for the Stockholm bypass

The new interchanges at Hjulsta and Häggvik are complex, extensive bridge and tunnel projects at two of Sweden’s most traffic-intensive locations. Here, minimal disruption and effective implementation are essential.

Once again, NCC has gained the trust of the Swedish Transport Administration to execute a highly complex and challenging project for one of the most traffic-intensive road sections in Sweden. The two new interchanges that NCC is currently building are the northernmost links for the Stockholm Bypass, the 21-kilometer-long route that will connect the northern parts of Stockholm County with the southern ones.

Overall responsibility boosts innovation

Both interchanges require advanced tunnel and bridge construction, where NCC can leverage its experience, scale and expertise in partnering contracts. With overall responsibility comes the opportunity to use efficient production methods, streamlined sourcing and innovative, sustainable solutions that take advantage of NCC’s entire breadth.

Free traffic flow

Because overall project management has been in sharp focus from the outset, free traffic flow can be guaranteed during construction. In this respect, NCC and the Swedish Transport Administration have greatly benefitted from our shared experiences from projects like the reconstruction of Rotebro, where 70,000 vehicles pass through every day.

Complex tunnels and bridges

In Häggvik, two 260-meter-long concrete tunnels, four bridges, retaining walls, and fire and noise protection are being designed and built. Electrical, water and sewage pipes as well as a stormwater pump station and warehouse are also being built at the site.

The contract for the Hjulsta interchange includes two 370-meter-long concrete tunnels and noise protection as well as electrical, water and sewage pipes. Both projects require extensive excavation and transportation logistics.

Putting safety first

Thanks to our track record of environmentally certified infrastructure projects, we understand what the project requires from a sustainability perspective – the economic, environmental and social considerations. An important part of this is creating safe construction sites for workers and third parties alike. NCC strives for zero accidents and has zero tolerance for health and safety deficiencies.

Preserving historical values

In Hjulsta and Häggvik, the two interchanges are materializing close to nature reserves and ancient monuments. The project requires care and consideration for the preservation of important values. A common vision and collaboration create the foundation for effective planning and flexibility during the course of the project.