Detail of a staircase handrail, part of what is said to be one of the worlds most accesible buildings: House of Disabled People's Organisations in Denmark.

House of Disabled People’s Organisations

The world’s most accessible office building.

The new office of Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark brings together under one roof a large number of its member organizations.

The House is “the world’s most accessible office building” and demonstrates how full accessibility and equality can be incorporated as natural elements in “ordinary” office construction.

In its tendering and award process, the client emphasized the importance of conduct and collaboration ‒ an initiative for which we assumed responsibility, carrying it forward in the turnkey contract. The project was implemented in an equal collaboration focusing on everyone’s value-creating roles – both within and between disciplines – and on optimizing the project and raising the bar for accessibility and universal design.

The results show that, with the right collaboration between strong competences, it is possible to deliver equality at no extra cost.

Dennis Nielsen, Director NCC Building.

Dennis Nielsen

Director, NCC Building Nordics

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Steen Ulrich Rasmussen, Marketing manager, NCC Building.

Steen Ulrich Rasmussen

Marketing manager, NCC Building Nordics

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