JUST, the new health and social services centre in Järvenpää

The planning and construction of JUST was carried out following a new cooperation model. Following the open building method, the building was divided into a main area and adaptable side areas. The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) aspects of the project were given two awards.

The new building replaced the old Vanhankylänniemi health station and hospital at the centre of Järvenpää. It means that all the main health and social services in Järvenpää are now under one roof. JUST was carried out following a new cooperation model in which the buyer, the end users, the planning team and the constructor work together as a team.

Focusing on user satisfaction

When planning JUST, the people who were going to eventually use the building participated in the design process with the help of the 3D virtual feature and sample rooms. As a result, the user satisfaction level at the end of the project was 95/100. The sample rooms were created to test various user aspects, such as room and hall sizes, patient rooms, door locations, surface materials and the dentist reception area. The technical aspects, for example ventilation, heating, water supply and plumbing layouts and insulation were also tested using the sample rooms.

JUST was carried out in two phases. The first phase, the so called VIRMA stage (Virtual planning and construction model), included the proposal, the overall design and the construction permit. The VIRMA stage was a pilot project by Business Finland, who was developing a new national model for public construction procurement. NCC joined the project at the second stage, the so called VARMA stage (the construction model in compliance with the official requirements), during which the plans were executed in cooperation with the planning team, the constructor, the buyer and the end users. The constructor was expected to be skilled in overall economy, and to have the ability to execute the project virtually and interactively. The NCC was up to the challenge due to their first rate VDC skills (Virtual Design and Construction).

First rate VDC skills

NCC has been proven to offer first rate VDC skills, even on a global scale. The JUST project won the Tekla Bim Awards Finland and the Tekla Bim Awards Global in The Best Building Project category. The VDC method used by NCC efficiently utilises data modelling and supports cooperation. VDC was used to successfully organise, manage and analyse the project. Issues were first solved virtually, which resulted in fewer alteration needs, interruptions and added expenses during the construction stage.

Open building challenges the old operation methods

The fixed main area and the adaptable side areas were planned and built separately for JUST. Because the planning and the building was carried out in sections, the fixed area was completed first, while the adaptable areas were nowhere near finished. Opting for the open building method freed more time for user planning, minimised the risk of delays and increased the adaptability of the area during use.

JUST is one of the first successfully completed open building projects in Finland. The cooperation with the end users and the project planning management were exceptional. The VDC team from NCC, the persistent planning work and the clear data modelling instructions were key aspects in this project.