Kineum Gårda – House in Motion

Gårda is an expansive area close to the center of Gothenburg, where many companies large and small have chosen to establish themselves. In recent years, the area has been modernized and expanded with the creation of new housing and commercial properties, and now the latest addition, Kineum – House in Motion, has also opened.

Kineum is a new kind of office block in Gothenburg’s classic working class district of Gårda, a stone’s throw from the city center. Inaugurated in November 2022, the new building is the result of a unique partnership between NCC and Platzer. Kineum is a 27-story high-rise that embodies movement, collaboration and diversity, as it mixes offices with a hotel – all connected by a welcoming lobby. Find out more about Kineum.

About the property

The doors to the new tower were opened on November 1, 2022, when the house was officially inaugurated. NCC is one of the tenants who, along with around 10 other companies, rent offices in the building, while ESS Group operates the unique destination hotel Jacy’z Hotel & Resort, which boasts several restaurants, a pool club and a conference center. In 2023, the Group will also open co-working facilities and a venue for major events.

Unique partnership

NCC and Platzer have created Kineum together, working in close cooperation with our tenants, and this Gothenburg landmark has already become a hub with space for innovation, blue-sky thinking and creativity.
NCC combines expertise with a deep understanding of the customers’ operations, processes and challenges. Platzer strives to be the best property owner and landlord for the whole of Gothenburg.

In conjunction with the completion of Kineum in December 2022, Platzer acquired NCC’s stake in the property.