Illustration of Kirsteforsdammen pre-school, during a rainy autumn day with leaves blowing and children playing.

Kistefossdammen Pre-school

Kistefossdammen preschool will be Norway’s first public “plushouse.” The project will be led by NCC Construction but is a partnering contract among several different parties.

Futurebuilt Preschool

Kistefossdammen preschool will have an area of 1,300 m2 and six classrooms for a total of 100 children. The preschool will be a pilot project for FutureBuilt and it aims to achieve a 50-percent reduction in climate emissions from energy, materials and transportation.

The objective of the project is to develop a building with an architecturally attractive design. The building will be a "plushouse" whereby the surplus energy produced will correspond to the annual consumption of two electric cars.

Sustainable society for new citizens

The aim is for FutureBuilt pilot projects to be of high architectural and environmental quality, and for the buildings to contribute to a healthy and robust city environment that offers a high quality of life. Kistefossdammen preschool in Heggedal also has particular potential in that the building itself and its surroundings can promote a deeper understanding among the new "citizens" that are created here of how energy and the environment are interrelated, thus helping these citizens bring about a more sustainable Norwegian society.

The building and landscape are to promote play and learning and provide a physical framework that promotes well-being for children and adults, and also their understanding of how energy, the environment and biodiversity can be balanced in a modern, vibrant and attractive preschool.

Ncc has extensive experience of environmental buildings

NCC has extensive expertise in the construction of sustainable buildings and built the first passive building in the Municipality of Asker, Borgenbråten Bo- og Aktivitetssenter, in 2012. Other public projects with a high environmental standard include Haukåsen preschool in Trondheim, the first educational building in Norway to secure BREEAM certification, and the Brynsengfaret school project for Undervisningsbygg KF in Oslo, which is a pilot project for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs).

Illustration: Arkitekt Christensen og Co.