The entrance to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. It is during a dark, winter evening with the massive glass walls encompassing the entrance.

Creative Meeting and Education Centre for Kungliga Musikhögskolan

Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Stockholm’s Royal College of Music) has been built in Stockholm’s Östermalm, where high demands were placed on its design and construction with regard to acoustics.

Creative meeting place

The school is situated in the Östermalm area of Stockholm and has a gross total area of 21,900 square metres.

It has been given a clear and distinct glass entrance on Valhallavägen to link the surrounding city together with the creative meeting and educational centre that Musikhögskolan represents. Internally, there are flexible concert halls, rehearsal rooms and workrooms for the staff.

Virtual construction

The work was planned digitally using virtual construction (VDC), which reduces the construction time and facilitates the working process. This project was operated as a partnership and also included landscaping and the relocation of an existing building on the site.