Illustration of the new waterpark in Liseberg amusement park, Gothenburg.

Liseberg's new waterpark and hotel

NCC is set to work with Liseberg on expanding the largest amusement park in the Nordic region. The contract includes a waterpark, an experience hotel and extra parking. Liseberg has set a budget for the project of around SEK 2 billion.

Liseberg Amusement Park is one of the Nordic region’s most popular tourist destinations, with over 3 million visitors each year. Now Liseberg is making a huge investment in a new year-round waterpark, an experience hotel right next to the park and extra visitor parking.

This is a partnering contract between NCC and Liseberg. NCC will first carry out the infrastructure work, outdoor parking and a planned parking garage. Next, work will begin on building a themed experience hotel of over 30,000 square meters with a little over 450 rooms. The final phase is construction of the waterpark, which will measure 18,000 square meters and have capacity for 2,800 guests at once, with ten or so waterslides and pools.

Running the project as a partnering contract is the optimum way of working on complex and large builds, resulting in a better end product. NCC has extensive experience of building swimming pools and aquatic centers, not least through its water and environment specialists at NCC Badhus, which will come in extremely useful when constructing one of Sweden’s largest waterparks.

The planning work began back in May. Once the parties agree the next phase, work will begin on the outdoor parking, which is expected to be ready by the summer season 2019. The hotel and waterpark are planned to be completed between 2021 and 2023.

Illustrations: Liseberg

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