Liseberg Oceana Water World

In 2020, NCC was commissioned by Liseberg to build Oceana Water World, part of Liseberg's anniversary project.

Updates on what is happening on the construction site are updated weekly on this page (in Swedish).

Oceana Water World was run as a partnering contract, and designed to accommodate around 1,750 people, with attractions including 14 rides, a wave pool, water activities and a café. The final inspection was planned for April 2024. On Monday February 12, 2024, a fire was discovered in one of the water rides on the outside of the building, from where it later spread to the rest of the building, causing major damage to the virtually completed facility.

“This is a terrible incident and I deeply regret that our worst fears have been confirmed as a person has been found dead. Our thoughts are with the relatives, friends and colleagues of the deceased person,” says Niklas Sparw, Head of NCC Building Sweden.

The Police, the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority are investigating the accident and NCC and Liseberg assist the authorities in their work.

“This incident has left us all quite shaken. I would like to thank everyone for the support we have received, and to extend huge thanks to all the employees who are continuing to work on this; they are doing an outstanding job in a very stressful situation,” says Niklas Sparw.

Liseberg’s Board of Directors has decided to instruct Liseberg's management to investigate and start planning for how a reconstruction can take place.

“We are supporting and collaborating with Liseberg as much as we can right now, so we will see what the next step is at a later stage,” concludes Niklas Sparw.

Questions and answers

  1. When did the fire start? 
    On Monday February 12, 2024, just after 10 am, the Fire & Rescue Service was alerted to a fire at the Liseberg Oceana Water World construction site. It remains unclear how the fire started. 
  2. How did the fire start? 
    We don’t know. The cause has not yet been established. The responsible authorities are now investigating what happened. 
  3. What caused the fire?
    It is currently unclear what caused the fire. An investigation is currently underway and we are awaiting its conclusion.
  4. Was anyone injured in the fire?
    One person died in the fire, employed by Liseberg. 16 other people who worked on the project sought medical attention for check-ups and minor injuries, and they were all discharged from hospital the same day. 
  5. What are NCC’s responsibilities since the fire broke out on the construction site?
    As the main contractor, NCC has overall responsibility for the construction site and health & safety work within the project. The exact responsibilities on a construction site are also regulated in an agreement between the main contractor and the client. An investigation is now underway to determine the cause of the fire. 
  6. Is it dangerous to be in the vicinity of the fire, breathing in the fumes from the fire?
    The City of Gothenburg’s Environmental Administration, which measures air quality in the city on an ongoing basis, has reported no indications of any particularly hazardous pollutants following the fire. More information from the Environmental Administration is available at
  7. Is it dangerous to handle the dirt and debris spread around from the fire?
    The Environmental Administration at the City of Gothenburg states that it is not dangerous to clean up any dirt and debris from the fire. Gloves should be worn because of the soot and to avoid getting splinters from the pieces of glass fiber that were dispersed. More information from the Environmental Administration is available at
  8. Who is responsible for cleaning up the debris from the fire?
    NCC is in dialog with the City of Gothenburg and Liseberg about how dirt and debris dispersed by the fire should be cleaned up.
  9. Who do I contact if my property has been damaged by the fire?
    Your insurance company.
  10. When will you begin demolishing what has been damaged by the fire?
    This has not yet been decided.
  11. If Liseberg decides to build a new Oceana, will NCC be doing that?
    We are supporting and collaborating with Liseberg as much as we can right now, so we will see what the next step is at a later stage.