Photo: Joakim Kröger, NCC

New water tower in Helsingborg, Sweden

NCC has built the new water tower in the city of Helsingborg in cooperation with NSVA (Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp AB). The unique design was made by Wingård architects.

The water tower was built to secure future water distribution in north-west Skåne, and has a pioneering design that calls to mind a modern aqueduct. In addition to the water tower itself, the assignment also includes two service reservoirs and a technical building.

The water tower is 40 meters tall and comprise a ring 90 meters in diameter that rests on 24 concrete columns. The water flows through the ring for a good turnover of volume. 

Construction work began in 2018 and the new water tower will be fully running by 2021. Helsingborg's existing water tower in Fredriksdal, built in 1962, will remain in use even once the new water tower is operational.

The water tower during construction

Photos: Joakim Kröger/NCC and Studio-E