Illustration of the new Norvik logistics hub. Visible is a large harbor with several boats and containers, with the city of Nynäshamn in the background.

Norvik in Nynäshamn – A growing logistics hub

Trade with the rest of the world takes place via sea travel, and this is where Norvik in Nynäshamn is playing an increasingly prominent role. NCC is able to be a major player in this development – partly by means of our undertakings in the future port, where we are creating a logistics and business park.

The new port in Norvik will provide a boost to the whole region. The entire port expansion project is to be undertaken with the greatest possible consideration to the natural environment of the surrounding archipelago. When the cargo port has been fully developed, it will be one of the most environmentally-adapted in Europe.

In addition, the port is also expected to create several thousand new jobs – not only in the construction process and in the operation of the port itself, but also by means of a trickle-down effect in the form of a business park and various peripheral operations. There will be a positive chain reaction where new jobs generate further new jobs, thanks to an increased demand for services in the area.

Logistics centre with development potential

A vital part of this growing hub for Swedish imports and exports is the logistics and business park being developed by NCC. Right next to the cargo port, both small and large companies will be able to establish themselves and develop their businesses in a dynamic environment.

As a result of the sharp increase in trade and the flow of goods, it will be greatly advantageous to be able to have warehouses and offices connected with such a strategic link in the business chain that the port represents.

Quite simply, it is vital to be in the right place, at the centre of the action. The logistics and business park will be a strategically located transport and freight centre for already-established wholesalers, distributors, logistics companies, export and import companies, and for other businesses.

We help you find the best place

NCC owns an exploitable area of 410,000 square metres, of which approximately half is expected to be used for buildings. Depending on which needs are identified, we are able to develop anything from small office and business properties to large warehouses, final assembly halls or other facilities with a ceiling height of up to 28 metres.

A railway track shall run through the area, leading to the port and the logistics park. Thanks to the port’s strategic location, it will be possible to link sea transports to an upgraded rail network and newly-developed roads for more efficient transportation. Simply put, the logistics and business park will constitute both an indispensable link in the chain and an ideal location for all types of distribution and logistics operations.

Early involvement good for all

By working together with us, the customer will have the opportunity to plan and design their premises based upon their own specific needs. NCC has extensive and varied experience of developing and building logistics facilities, and would like for all parties to be involved in the process at as early a stage as possible. In this way, we can join together to design the facilities to meet requirements, be cost-effective, and maintain a high level of quality in that which we create. In support of this work, we have a unique concept that combines standardised technical solutions with great individual flexibility.

By being involved from the very beginning, we also have the greatest opportunity to find optimal solutions to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of the construction process and, by so doing, contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the community.