Aerial view over the new Triangeln shopping centre in light snow cover. Several buildings of varying size and colour, along with the plaza and entrance to the underground railway station.

Nya Triangeln – A convergence point in Malmö

Situated in the heart of Malmö, the Nya Triangeln shopping centre has been extended and refurbished. It acts as a meeting place and is an obvious destination for Malmö’s shoppers. Here, we have also built a modern office building.

Right in the heart of Malmö’s centre, next to the cultural quarter and the Triangeln station, we have developed a new shopping destination with plenty of room for lots of shops and restaurants. Directly connected to the shopping centre, we have also developed modern and future-proofed offices and 190 attractive homes.

In the middle of the vibrant city centre

Triangeln has re-emerged in the heart of Malmö. This is where the city pulsates and rapid development is taking place. The site upon which Nya Triangeln now stands is part of the Kaninen urban quarter. Here, the new trading element has been integrated with the existing shopping centre. Together, the centre covers approximately 36,000 square metres. This makes Triangeln the largest shopping centre in Malmö’s city centre. The total trading area of Nya Triangeln covers approximately 12,000 m2.

Triangeln and its immediate surroundings provide all imaginable services. Here people have the chance to live, work and do their daily shopping in one and the same place.

New ideas in new premises

The ground floor of the trading section invites people to a fast and efficient shopping experience and provides a range of lunch options. It represents a natural meeting place, regardless of whether you are meeting friends or business contacts. The second floor has a slightly more leisurely pace. Take a wander around inspiring stores or sit in a nice café and look out over the hustle and bustle below.

Easy to travel to and from Nya Triangeln

It is easy to get to Nya Triangeln by train, bus or car. The shopping centre is only 50 metres from the City Tunnel’s Triangeln station, where up to 40,000 people get on and off every day. This makes this station Malmö’s largest and the third largest in Sweden. In addition, there are also plans for a new bus transport node here. In total, approximately 100,000 people will pass Nya Triangeln every day.

  • Triangeln station 50 m
  • Bus transport node outside the door
  • A car-parking garage inside the property
  • Parking for bicycles
  • Kastrup Airport, 20 minutes by train
  • Sturup Malmö Airport, 30 mins by car


Minimal environmental impact

Nya Triangeln was built in accordance with GreenBuilding’s criteria and is certified in accordance with the world’s most widespread environmental certification system, BREEAM. Everything from the choice of materials to the construction process is scrutinised. The objective is to have as low an environmental impact as possible during the entire service life of the building.

We worked on a basis of holistic thinking, where function and finance go hand in hand with sustainability considerations, such as impact on the environment and social responsibility. Environmental considerations are also always embedded in our rental contracts, so as to give a tangible form to our common desire to make a difference.

  • Low energy use, lower costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions
  • Environmentally-sound choice of materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – reduced levels of sick leave
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for one’s own activities.
  • Environmental education for tenants – a lower environmental impact.
  • Green rental agreements – a lower environmental impact.