Önskebrunnen - Brunna Logistics Park

Strategic location, reduced energy costs and customized premises based on tenants’ operations. Önskebrunnen was competed in 2017 and is the second step in Brunna Logistics park.

Önskebrunnen, part two of Brunna Logistics Park situated in Upplands-Bro in close proximity to Stockholm and Mälardalen.

In Önskebrunnen among others Autoglas and Zalando are situated. In 2017 the 11 000 square meters premises were bought by NREP logistics AB.

  • Warehouse free height of 12 meters
  • Floor load bearing capacity: 3 tons per square meter
  • Doors: The premises are equipped with one loading dock door per 1,000 square meters of warehouse space
  • Sprinklers throughout the premises
  • Strategic signage location
  • The loading yard is designed to accommodate 25.5-meter-long truck rigs
  • Direct connection to the E18 Expressway, 30 kilometers to Stockholm City
  • Near Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport
  • Within walking distance of bus stops with buses to the commuter train station in Kungsängen

Önskebrunnen – the right warehouse for you

In a modern logistics facility, your workflows can be maximized, making major cost savings possible. We believe it is important that the premises are adapted to the needs of your operations and not vice versa. At Önskebrunnen, we customize your warehouse with or without offices and include the personnel spaces you need.

The interior capacity is maximized by building with a free height of 10 meters. We ensure that you have a sufficient number of loading doors and, that pillar distribution is optimized while laying floors with sufficient load bearing capacity. At Önskebrunnen, the floor load bearing capacity is 3 tonnes per square meter. With the right floor plan, you gain a flexible, long-term solution.

Convenient location near Stockholm

Önskebrunnen is located in Brunna Logistics Park between Bro and Kungsängen in Upplands-Bro Municipality. Situated in close proximity to the E18 Expressway and near the E4 Expressway, Brunna Logistics Park is a perfect location for distribution in the Mälardalen and Stockholm areas. The construction of the Stockholm Bypass (Förbifart) will further increase accessibility. With premises close to the highway, you will have an excellent signage location.

Here in Upplands Bro’s largest industrial area, there are already companies like: Fresenius Kabi, Aritco, Altia, CT Food, Nordisk Papper, as well as dealerships for Volvo, Ford and Toyota, and Coop supermarket, Brunna Krog and Hotel.

Kungsängen Golf Club is located close to Brunna and the area is also home to a large number of conference facilities.

Good transport links

Önskebrunnen is easily accessible by car, train or air. Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport are both only 30 minutes away by car. With a bus stop within walking distance, it is easy to travel to Kungsängen commuter train station. Proximity to the E4 and E18 expressways makes the area easy to access by car and truck. The E18 Expressway is now permanently rerouted via Kymlingelänken between Kista and Rissne and has been rebuilt all the way to Tensta, which has significantly improved traffic as far as the E4 Expressway.

  • Parking – adapted to your requirements
  • Car – Close to the E4 and E18 expressways
  • Bus – Within walking distance of bus stops
  • Train – Commuter train to Stockholm Central Station: 30 minutes
  • Airports – Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport: 30 minutes by car


Environmental and economic sustainability

Today, environmental compatibility is interlinked with profitability, and environmental certification will serve as your objective guarantee. Your environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a stronger brand and satisfied employees who are content with their workplaces.

Low energy consumption – a shared goal

Compared with conventional logistics buildings, the higher energy-efficiency of environmentally certified warehouse properties results in lower running and maintenance expenses. Relocating from an older property to a newly built, environmentally certified property usually reduces energy costs by 30 to 40 percent.

Environmental certification – an objective guarantee

To be able to ensure outstanding environmental performance, we have chosen to use the international environmental certification system BREEAM. The system adopts a holistic approach to the building and the surrounding environment. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact throughout the building’s lifetime. Green leases are a concrete expression of our shared goal of making a greater difference.