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Oulu University Hospital, Oulu

NCC will build the A building included in the first stage of the Oulu University Hospital 2030 program. As part of the cooperation based alliance project, we will create up-to-date and uniform facilities for the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, which will contribute to the modernization of the hospital's operating models and structures and improve productivity and quality of care.

Project description

The new hospital will be built on the Oulu University Hospital site in the Kontinkangas district, approximately two kilometers from Oulu city center.

The OYS 2030 modernization program includes a number of sub-projects. Buildings A and B of the new hospital are part of the first phase and will form the main hospital, which consists of an emergency department, intensive care units, operating rooms, delivery units and related support services.

The phase 2 buildings F and C will contain facilities for teaching, outpatient care, laboratory, imaging, wards and the surgery department.

NCC is currently constructing buildings A and F in the project.

Alliance to achieve goals

The project is carried out as an alliance, in which the client, users, contractors and a team of development and planning experts are responsible for the planning and implementation of the project through a joint organization. The parties share the risks involved in the project and collaborate to achieve their shared goals.

A key goal of the new hospital is the flexibility of conversion and operation, which will allow the premises to be adapted in the future in accordance with operational changes. Another important goal is to emphasize user and customer focus in project design and implementation. The new facilities will enable the operation of the entire hospital to be developed for both patients and staff.

Description of building A

The first phase of the new hospital comprises the main hospital, which houses emergency services, intensive care units, operating rooms, delivery units and related support services. Building A, which is being constructed by NCC, will house the most demanding care facilities at the University Hospital, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, observation rooms, delivery units, specialist obstetric units, pressure-controlled patient rooms, IVF laboratory facilities and hemodialysis treatment.

The main hospital's first phase building A is a 10-storey hospital building of approximately 58,700 gross m². The contracted demolition work started in 2017 and the last demolitions were made in early 2019, after which the actual construction work commenced in March 2019. The hospital buildings included in the first stage will be completed by the end of 2023. Then the major Oulu Hospital project will have 450 hospital beds and 90 intensive care units.

Description of building F

The project’s second stage building F will be about 33,000 m2 in size and will include: laboratory facilities, a hospital pharmacy, imaging, oncology wards and an outpatient oncology clinic.

Construction of building F started in January 2022. Building F is being built right next to the operating room in operation at the hospital, so special attention is paid on site to securing the operation of the hospital. If necessary, all work that generates vibration or loud noise on site is stopped during surgery.