Picture of the Portland Tower, converted from an old silo (with the buildings foot essentially the same), but the upper part turned into cylindrical glass walls.

Portland Towers

Eco-certified Company House® in Nordhavn.

With Portland Towers, NCC has built a Company House® in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, that sets new standards for eco-certified offices. We offer rental properties from 500 to 1,500 m².

Portland Towers is not for businesses with a fear of heights, but it is perfect for businesses that are looking for a unique location and profile coupled with 360° views of Copenhagen and Øresund from their windows.

  • The offices are mounted on the outside of the silos so that they "float" 24 m above the ground.
  • A total of seven floors have been added to the outside of the silos.
  • Right at the top lies a shared canteen and a panoramic outdoor terrace for the building's tenants to use.
  • At 59 m, the silos are the tallest structure in Nordhavn.
  • The building comes with several facilities that are shared by the tenants, including the large panoramic canteen on the top floor.

The location in Nordhavn, which is set to be transformed over the next few years from an old freeport zone to a dense and sustainable district with close ties to the water, is unique. The creation of the new Nordhavnsvej road also provides good links to the regional road network, plus Nordhavn station is only 400 m away.


Development of the Århusgade neighborhood is well underway, and the first step towards a distinct identity is a new zip code: 2150 Nordhavn. The local plan is in place and the themes are:

  • A sustainable district
  • A district by the water
  • A compact district
  • An active district
  •  A district of contrasts

The Århusgade neighborhood will be a dense but green development with a building to plot size ratio of 180 percent. That will make it the most densely developed neighborhood in Copenhagen, providing opportunities for intense and varied urban living. At the same time, the district will be on a manageable scale, with small plots housing many modest structures, creating intimacy and closeness in contrast to the scale of the wide open sea.

  • The silos are located on Sandkajen, which was built in the 1950s and 60s.
  • They were erected by Aalborg Portland in 1979 as a place to store cement.
  • The Århusgade neighborhood is Copenhagen's new, sustainable district, with space for 350,000 m² of mixed housing and offices that can accommodate 6,000–7,000 workers and 3,000 residents.