A child leans against a window while holding a bear.

Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg

NCC has been commissioned by Västfastigheter to build a new and modern children’s hospital that will be directly connected to Drottning Silvias barn- och ungdomssjukhus (Queen Silvia’s Hospital for Children and Young People) in Gothenburg. This project has very high environmental ambitions.

Part of the assignment is to construct hospital buildings and physical links to the existing children’s hospital, which is a part of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The older parts of the premises are also to be renovated and connected to the new hospital. NCC will create an attractive landscaped environment for the area.

Improved healthcare environment for patients and staff

The healthcare departments provide an improved caring environment for patients, friends and relatives, and staff. Conditions will also be better for parents, with single rooms and opportunities to stay overnight. The single rooms also contribute to better hospital hygiene, with the reduced risk of the spread of infection.

NCC and Västfastigheter are operating the project in partnership, the first steps of which have been to establish the project’s organisation, project planning, construction documents and budget.

This project will provide Gothenburg with one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals within the fields of highly specialised child healthcare, clinical research and education. The building will contain premises for rehabilitation, surgery, intensive care, healthcare departments and administration.

Film about the project (in Swedish)

The film has been produced as a collaboration between the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Västfastigheter, NCC and White Arkitekter. Additional partners collaborating in the project are: Bengt Dahlgren, Landskapsgruppen, Sweco, VBK, White, WSP, Bergendahls El Projekt AB, Imtech, EUVent and Installationsbolaget.
Henrik Bergman, Business Manager NCC Building. Photo/illustration: Carina Gran
Henrik Bergman

Business Manager , NCC Building Sweden