Ericsson Globe – The world’s largest spherical building, Stockholm

Ericsson Globe was opened on February 19, 1989 and it is still the largest spherical building in the world to this very day. “The Globe” – as it is commonly referred to in Sweden – was originally constructed for the 1989 World Ice Hockey Championships, but the ambition was for the spectacular building to boost the attractiveness of southern Stockholm.

NCC built the large sphere using a combination of concrete, glass and steel. The construction project also included the area surrounding the new arena that featured office buildings and a hotel.

SkyView - Enjoy the view from the top of the globe

A brand new experience was added to Ericsson Globe in 2010: SkyView. SkyView comprises two specially designed glass gondolas running along two parallel rails. Visitors in one of the gondolas stop at the apex of the sphere and enjoy the view, while the other gondola makes it way up or down. 

SkyView, which opened February 5, 2010, has two gondolas with a diameter of 4.5 meters and can take up to 16 people at a time. The track length is about 100 meters and travel time about 20 minutes.

NCC carried out the SkyView construction assignment in partnership with Sweco and Stockholm Globe Arenas.