A machine drills the cave wall inside a future rail tunnel.

Double tracks between Strängnäs and Härad

NCC enhances the regional development by expanding the Svealandsbanan railway with double tracks for the stretch between Strängnäs and Härad. The combination of collaboration and innovative solutions makes for a smoothly-run project.

Amongst other things, this mission involves the building of 8.5 kilometres of double track, three kilometres of mountain-tunnel and nine bridges. When the project has been completed, trains will be able to traffic the Svealandsbanan with increased frequency.

Collaboration benefits everybody

This comprehensive extension consists of several different parts; this is why, from an early stage, NCC has placed great weight on the overall management of the project. Consensus and collaboration play a central role – the importance of collaborating with sub-contractors and making joint plans, for example, is self-evident. In addition, this project is being operated in increased collaboration with Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration).

NCC is also focusing on the issue of quality, which represents a substantial and significant part of the project. We have resolved the issue of quality control by dividing the project into different production blocks, such as bridges, tunnel, landscaping and what we refer to as BEST (railway lines, electricity, signals and telecommunications).

Innovative solutions

The work process is made easier by the use of VDC, BIM and NCC Project Studio. By means of our own communications platform Projektportalen, all participants in the project are able to communicate with each other in a clear and convenient way.

Systematic sustainability work

Thinking in terms of sustainability, in accordance with our “Green building” concept, has a constant presence in the project. We have chosen to make use of energy-efficient establishments with eco-labelled electricity, construction sheds with low energy consumption, demand-responsive lighting, energy-efficient machinery, efficient transportation and the environmentally-responsible management of residual products. Trafikverket’s environmental review has provided the project with good conditions for systematic sustainability work.