The renovated Dipoli building in Espoo.

The Dipoli Renovation

The Dipoli building, designed by Reima and Raili Pietilä, is a meeting place for the entire university organisation, and it was renovated respecting the original architecture. The construction project was selected as the Renovation Site of the Year by the Rakennuslehti magazine. The renovation project altered the building from a congress centre to an administrative building.

The Dipoli, located in Espoo's Otaniemi, was completed in 1966. It represents the top design of its era and is exceptionally diverse. The Dipoli architecture has been described as informal design which blends in with the surrounding nature and corresponds with the local values. The original building was carefully built and was in relatively good condition. The renovation project emphasized new ways of working and openness, as well as following the designers' original plan and respecting the unique architecture of the building.

Restoring the Old, New Technology and Geothermal Heating

During the renovation of Dipoli, the building was updated with modern technology. The unique shape of the house created challenges for the renovation. Removing the ceiling was the biggest and most difficult task, but it was also necessary as the new technology was installed above the ceiling. All the doors, windows and lighting were restored, the skylights and fireplaces repaired, staircases which had been closed off were reopened and original concrete surfaces were restored.

Dipoli was updated with new ecological energy solutions. 19 geothermal heating pumps provide Dipoli with heating and cooling. Electricity is saved with dimmable LED lights.

A Historic Building

Dipoli is a protected building with great historic value. The exterior and the interior of the building must remain unaltered under the SR-1 protection. Everything that had to be removed was rebuilt exactly as it was before. All the interior surfaces were carefully protected during the construction. The renovation was done in co-operation with the Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

Award-winning Services

NCC's extensive knowledge of renovation was very apparent at the Dipoli project. The project was selected as the Renovation Site of the Year in 2016 by the Rakennuslehti magazine. It was said that the quality of the worksite and the work safety were first-rate. Further proof of this was that the worksite was sixth at the national work safety competition and second in the Uusimaa competition.