An Energy Self-sufficient Residential Area by the Turku Castle with a Communal Atmosphere

We are building a unique residential area just a stone's throw away from the Turku Castle. The Harppuunakortteli was commissioned by the Seafarers' Pension Fund. The first buildings to be built in the Harppuunakortteli will be the two Harppuunan Puosu buildings which contain approximately one hundred flats. The Harppuunan Puosu buildings will be completed in Spring 2019.

They will include flats of various sizes, from compact studio flats to spacious three bedroom flats. The buildings, which contain approximately one hundred flats, will be built as a co-operation project. The two buildings are joined together with a staircase and the space is used extremely efficiently. The amount of natural light inside the building has been maximised in every way possible. Exceptionally, each flat has two exits to various exit stairs and special attention has been paid to the safety of the flats.

The first thing we built in the Harppuunakortteli was an indoor parking lot, a hectare in size. The centre of the parking lot will be turned into a courtyard and it will include a running track. The size of the Harppuunakortteli is approximately three hectares.

Considering the Concept of Sustainable Development

The Harppuunakortteli is largely energy self-sufficient; it has more than 70 geothermal heat pumps and solar panels will be attached to the roofs. The paving is insulated and made lighter with foam glass. This is the second largest foam glass project in Finland. The foam glass layer under the indoor parking lot holds the largest amount of urban runoff in Finland, which is why this solution is very unique. The snow is melted off the paving with an energy-efficient air-sourced heat pump systems.

Another thing that makes the Harppuunakortteli special is the safe, car-free courtyard which supports an active lifestyle, as well as the Korttelitalo building in the middle of the courtyard - a communal building for all the residents with multifunctional rooms and saunas. The Harppuunakortteli service network allows the residents to book the communal saunas and the communal areas for their use and to examine information concerning their flat. The flats and the architectural design have been made to fit people of all ages through all the changes in their life.
The project will be carried out following NCC's Sustainable construction site operation model. The model covers all sustainable development aspects at the construction site and turns all the sustainable actions into concrete and measurable procedures. The Harppuunakortteli worksite aims to reduce the idling of digger and truck engines, to develop the worksite waste management further and to communicate with the stakeholders also through the social media channels.