Sweden’s first newly-built local hospital

A brand new community hospital right next to the hub for public transport. This is what the residents of Angered got when their new hospital was ready to open in the late summer of 2015.

By gathering different aspects of healthcare together under one roof, availability to local residents will be increased. It will also contribute to a closer collaboration with the University of Gothenburg – a collaboration that will improve standards of health in the north-eastern area of Gothenburg.

The hospital at Angered, to the north-east of Gothenburg, will cover approximately 18,000 square metres and will encompass specialist clinics, operation facilities and a health centre. The design and layout of the building has been developed with innovation in mind, centred around patients and cooperation between organisations.

Collaboration for the best solutions

The customer is Västfastigheter and the project is being conducted in the partnership form of collaboration.

The working approach is well suited to the production of hospital buildings as it allows for a process where decisions concerning the technical healthcare solutions can be made closer to the opening date of the hospital, and where we have secure control on the project’s final cost, finish date and quality.

New building provides increased benefit to the community

The purpose of the hospital is to improve health standards in the north-eastern area of Gothenburg. The work is being carried out in conjunction with the University of Gothenburg. Today, the average life expectancy of the local residents is significantly lower than in more socio-economically prosperous parts of the city. Collaboration with the university is now increasing. Several projects are already up and running which involve the linking of research and development to the hospital. As a result of moving to the new building, these ties are being strengthened as premises involved in the project can now also be used for research, among other things. The construction of the hospital at Angered constitutes a tangible contribution to the benefit of the local residents’ community.

Henrik Bergman, Business Manager NCC Building. Photo/illustration: Carina Gran
Henrik Bergman

Business Manager , NCC Building Sweden