The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala, with fat, concrete, reliefed walls and windows of varying size.

The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala

NCC builds the Nordic region’s first clinic for advanced cancer treatment using proton therapy in Uppsala.

The project was conducted under the partnering scheme with Akademiska Hus. It is a national project backed by Sweden’s seven county councils.

The building measures around 14,000 m2 and comprises a clinic, an administrative section and a radiation section, plus a hotel with approx. 90 rooms and a restaurant. The building is a specialist design, with the walls in the treatment center 3.7 meters thick and cast in iron ore tailing concrete. The roof caps the building at 4.1 m. The building is incredibly heavy, since it contains around 14,000 m3 concrete, which is why it rests on about 650 steel piles that are drilled down into solid rock. 

Partnering simplifies management

The technology and equipment at the clinic demanded advanced construction techniques and considerable skill from the construction workers. The partnering, where everything is included from the start of the process, simplified the management of the project, which required exact schedules and active and intensive collaboration.