Picture of a thoroughfare at Torsplan in Stockholm. Several new developments are visible at the sides and in the background.

Torsplan, Stockholm

In the heart of Hagastaden we have developed two world class retail and office buildings. The latest one is certified as “Outstanding” in accordance with the world’s most stringent environmental-certification system, BREEAM. These two buildings have the right location, the right work environment and one of them will I a few years have a metro station downstairs. They also contribute to new destination Norra Stationsgatan.

Well planned premises conducive to healthier employees and improved performance. Being active in an environmentally certified property generates credibility both internally and externally. The results for this are stronger customer relations, proud employees and an edge in the fight for new talents. Torsplan is a world class work environment and has won several awards.

Just as much a meeting place as a workplace

Having the right office is a success factor. A modern office that is adapted to the business activities that will be pursued is becoming both a company’s face to the world and a place where employees can perform efficiently. People who feel good at work have lower sickness absence rates, perform better and thus generate more profit for the company. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to offer an inspiring work environment in the right location to attract and retain the best employees. Consequently, it is not unusual that ever more companies regard the office as a tool of business strategy.