Picture of the Kristianstad city hall, with red and white facade, castle-like rooftops, and a modern concrete entrance adjoined to the left.

Town Hall development, Kristianstad

Clearer, more reliable and more efficient with virtual design and construction. The Town Hall development was also the winner of Building of the Year 2015.

In the historically important center of Kristianstad, NCC has regenerated an entire block that now houses the new Town Hall, with offices for the municipality and Region Skåne. The job was run as a partnering project with the municipality and made full use of virtual design and construction and BIM throughout the project.

The complex work required meticulous planning. Most of the old facades had to be kept in place, but behind them everything has changed. Over 700 employees now work here in open-plan offices. The ground floor has been opened up to include a customer service center, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms and a large session hall.

All the project planners worked in CAD and delivered drawings digitally to a shared review model in 3D. Within the model drawings could easily be checked against each other, for example to carry out collision controls and confirm dimensions. The model also visualized the project to make it easier for the various stakeholders to understand and influence the end result.

Costing work and purchasing was all based on the 3D model, which also contained details on quantities, materials and the time required for different jobs. This ensured more accurate costings and schedules.

Out on the construction site, the foremen had the 3D model of the whole project and the drawings available on their tablets. This made it simple to quickly check structural details, visualize the schedule and gain an overview of the worksite.

Building of the year 2015

Jury statement: “In a historical urban environment from the 19th century, a modern office block has emerged with space for 700 workplaces for the municipality and Region Skåne, plus large public meeting places. A combination of partnering and innovative use of BIM in every part of the project ensured the quality of costings and schedules and an ability to establish a close dialog with the developer and the users at an early stage.”

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3D models and meticulous planning led to the award Årets Bygge 2015.