Ullevigatan office buildings, consisting of a taller structure and a lower next to it, mostly black though with white V-shaped patterns.

Ullevigatan 17-19 – An environmentally certified and visible office in central Gothenburg

Ullevigatan 17-19 is a modern office building with a strong environmental identity and a beautiful view next to the city's entertainment district. Almost everything within walking distance and a first-class work environment attracted tenants such as WSP and Jetshop.

You cannot afford to miss this central and well-known location. Here our tenants enjoy an office in the heart of Gothenburg, only a short walk from Gothenburg Central Station and with great communications around the corner.

A work environment that strengthens the brand

At the approach route to Gothenburg, we have developed Ullevigatan 17-19, a new office building with a strong environmental identity next to the city's arenas and entertainment district. The location, architecture and the inside layout has significant impact on how co-workers and customers perceive a company. At Ullevigatan 17-19 the tenants express their culture and values in the premises and thereby the company's brand is strengthened among co-workers and visitors.

The office premises at Ullevigatan 17-19 are flexible, adaptable and make room for change. Since the floors have no pillars, it is possible to change the layout gradually as the company develops. For example, offices can easily be added or removed. Flexible premises are also very cost-effective. For our tenants this is noticeable, especially when it comes to operating costs.

Where the action is

The entertainment district in Gothenburg is a famous and popular location, where the arenas Nya Ullevi and Gamla Ullevi, The Swedish Exhibition Centre & Congress Centre, the amusement park Liseberg, the indoor arena Scandinavium, the science center Universeum and many restaurants, bars and hotel are situated. This is truly an entertaining location.

  • Nya Ullevi
  • Svenska Mässan
  • Liseberg
  • Universeum

In the area surrounding Ullevigatan

The central location makes communication to and from Ullevigatan 17-19 easy. An 8 minute walk will take you from Gothenburg Central Station to the office building. Larger transport links, buses and the tram (two stops to Korsvägen) are all easily accessible from the office.

  • Good parking facilities
  • Bike garage
  • Bike rental
  • Proximity to transport links
  • Trams and buses stops next to the property
  • One stop to Gothenburg Central Station and two stops to Korsvägen
  • Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, 20 minutes


Lowest possible environmental impact       

Ullevigatan 17-19 was built according to the criterion of GreenBuilding and was certified by the world's leading environmental classification system BREEAM. Everything from choice of materials to the building process was considered. The goal is to minimize environmental impact during the length of life of the property.

We have a holistic view where function and financial parameters are intertwined with sustainability aspects, such as environmental considerations and social responsibility. Our leases always include environmental aspects and thus serve as a tangible expression of the shared goal of making a difference.

  • Low energy consumption – lower costs and carbon emissions
  • Selection of environment-friendly materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – lower sickness absence
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for your own operations
  • Environmental training for the tenant – lower environmental impact
  • Green leases – reduced environmental impact

Tenants at Ullevigatan 17-19