Illustration of Korsvägen station, part of the West Link in Gothenburg.

West Link - Korsvägen Section, Gothenburg

On behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, NCC is building a substantial section of the West Link’s double track rail line for commuter and regional trains beneath central Gothenburg. The Korsvägen section will be built by NCC and German company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG and will involve around 3.2 km double track, the majority of which will be in a tunnel, plus a new underground station to be constructed at the Korsvägen transport hub in central Gothenburg.

The West Link (Västlänken) is a new double track rail tunnel that will improve train travel in Gothenburg and West Sweden. Giving commuter and regional trains their own tracks in a tunnel beneath central Gothenburg will double capacity at Gothenburg’s Central Station. The expansion of the rail infrastructure in Gothenburg also enables densification and future development of the city above ground.

Korsvägen section

The Korsvägen section is around 3.2 kilometers long and runs from Landala, via Korsvägen and Örgryte/Jakobsdal before connecting with the existing track in Almedal. The lengths of rock tunnel comprise a rail tunnel and a parallel service and rescue tunnel. Three lengths of tunnel running through clay and earth will have a concrete structure. A new underground station with three exits will be built at Korsvägen. Korsvägen station will have one platform and two tracks, with preparations for another platform and two tracks in the future.

Partnering for a better project

The contract is being carried out in partnership with the Swedish Transport Administration, following the model of NCC Partnering – a structured form of cooperation that enables developers, consultants and contractors to jointly solve construction assignments and make decisions in the best interests of the project. The method is based on honest cooperation, transparent operations and allowing various areas of expertise to complement each other throughout the construction process.

Build rail line with no disruption

While the underground work is continuing, all the logistics above ground have to function normally, including road traffic, trams, power supplies, district heating, the internet and much more besides. It is a huge puzzle with many players involved.

NCC has also won the contract for phase 1 of the Centralen section and the preparatory work for the West Link, from the Olskroksmotet interchange in the east to the Stenpiren transport hub in the west – a stretch of almost three kilometers. The preparations include rerouting existing cables and pipes in the ground where excavations for the future tunnel will be carried out.

Illustration: White Arkitekter