A worker doing construction work

Markbygden Wind Farm, Piteå Sweden

NCC is constructing Europe´s largest land-based wind farm ”Markbygden MB ETT” outside Piteå in the northern part of Sweden.

NCC has been commissioned to conduct extensive infrastructure work for the Markbygden Ett wind farm in Piteå. The contract value is approximately SEK 800 million.

The 179 vind turbines in markbygden MB Ett will become Europé´s largest land-based wind farm and it will increase Sweden´s share of wind power by 12,5 percent.

NCC:s assignment 

  • To design and construct a total of 130 km of roads in the area
  • Design and construct 179 concrete foundations and associated hardstands
  • Cable laying between the wind power plants and substations
NCC's mission is large-scale in several respects given the size of the wind farm. It requires a construction that takes great account of the environment and surrounding areas, which we have experience of through a long tradition of building wind farms. Nils Bjelm, Head of Division NCC Civil Engineering Sweden