Ground work going on at the site of a new wind farm in Finland.

Taaleri wind farms

NCC was responsible for the infrastructure construction of the new wind farms of Taaleri Ltd. The construction project included the entire infrastructure of the wind farm, from road work to foundations and electrical work. The eight wind farms included 65 wind turbines in total.

These wind farm projects support NCC's vision of how the industry could be reshaped and how the company could offer more sustainable solutions. As agreed in the general agreement with Taaleri Ltd., NCC was responsible for the planning and construction of the road network, the foundations, the electrical work and the data communication work.

The wind farm construction project started with the clearing of the land: the trees were removed and roads were built. Once the roads were finished, the bases and lifting areas for the foundations were created. After the foundations were cast in place, cables, data communication fibres and electrics were added. The wind turbines were later brought to the sites by trucks and constructed by cranes.

The wind farms include approximately 500 metres of road per farm. The foundation of a wind turbine contains 75 tons of steel and 700 m3 of concrete.