Sustainability certifications

The certification of buildings, city areas and civil engineering projects involves taking action on environmental and sustainability issues throughout the construction process. NCC has some of the industry’s top specialists who, together with all the stakeholders involved, can ensure that the desired level of certification is achieved. Below, we list the most common certification systems and some examples of which certifications NCC holds.

Svanen (Nordic Ecolabel)


A Nordic system that can be used for single-family homes, apartment buildings, schools and preschools. Major focus on material issues and chemical content. NCC examples:


The most widely used system in Sweden. A simple, cost effective system that can be used for offices and residences as well as for new builds and renovations. NCC examples:



Europe’s leading environmental certification tool for buildings. Used mostly for commercial buildings and is the system that NCC uses in all its property development projects in Sweden, Norway and Finland. NCC examples:



U.S. system designed for all types of buildings. Can be used at the design stage and the operational stage. NCC examples:


A Swedish system that addresses sustainability in urban development projects, including commercial premises and industrial areas. NCC examples:



The world’s leading certification system for civil engineering projects. The system assesses and grades how well projects manage sustainability issues. NCC examples: