Business Ethics

Upholding the principles of the Code of Conduct is a shared responsibility.

As an employee, you should be familiar with it and consider how it applies to your own work. You are encouraged, and must feel free to report possible breaches.

At NCC, we strive to achieve long-term business relationships as a basis for generating customer value, shareholder value and secure workplaces that promote development. We achieve this through our actions – demonstrating to our customers and other stakeholders that we are a reliable and honest company that always meets its commitments.

That is why it is equally important to communicate our Code of Conduct as a natural part of cooperation with business partners and other third parties.

Laws, regulations and international conventions

It goes without saying that NCC complies with laws and international conventions. This means that we always respect and comply with the legislation and regulations relevant to our operations. We expect all employees to be aware of the laws and regulations that apply to their specific function or role.

Business relations

At NCC, we are honest and open in our relationships with business partners and third parties, and we expect our business partners and their suppliers to behave in the same way. We honor our commitments and respect the agreements we have entered into. We expect our business partners to communicate our values, or if their own values are similar, throughout the supply chain. We expect them to act and demonstrate that they comply with our or their own, similar values /code of conduct.