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Environmental Responsibility

At NCC, we pursue a long-term sustainability strategy encompassing environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. Innovative thinking and innovations that contribute to sustainable development are encouraged in dialog with customers and other stakeholders.

NCC is a major player in the construction and civil engineering industry, and we view contributing to sustainable development as a natural part of this. Our responsibility for the environment means always complying with environmental legislation in the markets where we are active, as well as seeking to develop more energy-efficient, climate-adapted and resource-efficient products and services throughout the product lifecycle. Before and during our projects, we work with our customers, suppliers and partners to develop superior sustainable solutions.

In all of our products and operations, we also aim to reduce the use of harmful substances, ensure that waste is handled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and contribute to increased resource efficiency, a gradual fossil independence and circular flows.

When selecting suppliers, we prioritize suppliers that are proactive and systematic in their work relating to social responsibility, the environment, quality and occupational health and safety. Our aim is to be able to produce buildings and civil engineering structures that meet all the relevant standards and comprise environmentally sound and sustainable products that are traceable throughout the supplier chain.

To ensure compliance among our suppliers and partners, we combine our own audits conducted by inhouse personnel with third-party audits conducted by consultants within the framework of our membership of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the UN’s Global Compact.