Occupational Health and Safety

At NCC, we have a zero-tolerance approach to workplace accidents and work continuously to make improvements to ensure safe and healthy workplaces.

Anyone who works for or cooperates with, or supplies goods or services to NCC must be able to do so in a safe and risk-aware manner. We want to create workplaces and products that are as safe and secure as possible for our employees, in-sourced workers, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

While managers and supervisors are responsible for leading efforts to improve the work environment, every individual should be aware of and comply with applicable regulations and policies, and play an active part in improving the work environment. At NCC, we also value a healthy life-work balance and work actively to help employees achieve this.

Think safe. Work safe. Be safe. NCC strives for a sound and safe work environment where employees look out for one another. Everyone should think safe, work safe and be safe. Would you like to know more? Read the NCC Health and Safety Policy.