Wind turbines among a forest skyline.

Environmental sustainability

The environmental impact of the construction industry is considerable, and NCC plays an important role in the transition towards a more environmentally sustainable society. We work to minimize emissions from production as well as from the operation and maintenance of finished products. We also consider it vital that our resources are used as efficiently as possible. NCC optimizes material and product selection and enables the recycling and reuse of waste generated by the construction process.

Focus on the entire value chain

NCC has broad operations and thus the possibility to reduce the climate impact of our own materials manufacture and production as well as the operation and maintenance of our products. NCC’s asphalt production accounts for the majority of the Group’s own carbon dioxide emissions. By shifting from fossil fuels to renewable fuels, such as wood pellets or bio-oil, climate impact has decreased in recent years. NCC is also a leader in building commercial properties and homes with low energy requirements.