Selection of memberships and networks involving sustainability

NCC participates in industry-wide collaborations and initiatives in Sustainability in all markets, and actively participates in the work of, for example, industry associations, business organizations and chambers of commerce, where we are active.

Here follows a selection of commitments that NCC has signed or endorsed as well as organizations in which NCC is an active member or has a position on the board.

Signed commitments and guidelines supported by NCC

  • UN Global Compact
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure
  • CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Fossil-free Sweden
  • Strakstiltak for the climate and environment for the Norwegian construction and civil engineering industry
  • Agreement on counteracting bribery and corruption (ÖMK)

Selection of the organizations in which NCC is an active member or has a position on the board

  • Industry associations – Byggföretagen (Sweden), EBA (Norway), Di Byggeri (Denmark) and the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (Rakennusteollisuus RY)
  • Sweden Green Building Council, Green Building Council Denmark, Green Building Council Finland, Norwegian Green Building Council
  • Entreprenörforeningen Bygg og Anlegg (Norway), Foreningen for Byggeriets Samfundsansvar (Denmark), Sveriges Bergmaterialindustri (The Swedish Aggregates Producers Association)
  • The Anti-Corruption Institute (IMM), Transparency International
  • The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce