NCC Responsible Site

NCC Responsible Site is the way we describe our common foundation for sustainability efforts at all NCC’s worksites, regardless of country or type of business. The requirements for being an NCC Responsible Site not only relate to our own operations and staff, but to all the subcontractors who work for us at our sites.

To become an NCC Responsible Site, our construction projects, our quarries or our paving contracts must meet several requirements identified in our Sustainability framework; Health and Safety, Social inclusion, Materials and Waste, Climate and Energy, Compliance and Portfolio performance.

Health and Safety

  • We will ensure a safe and healthy working environment promoting well-being among personnel.
    Requirements connected to our safety culture includes, for example, site specific health, safety and environment information to workers and visitors, reporting and follow-up of accidents, incidents and near-misses.
  • We limit discharges to soil, water and air.
    For example, avoiding idling, to store and handle chemicals and fuels in a safe way and to treat contaminated and muddy water before leaving the site.

Social inclusion

  • We interact with local stakeholders.
    Social inclusion handles dialogue with neighbors and fair working conditions.
    We keep neighbors and local stakeholders informed about our activities and give them opportunities for dialogue with site management.
  • We provide and promote fair working conditions.
    Including zero tolerance to discrimination, risk assessments including the psychosocial work environment and necessary measures to prevent accidents and incidents to happen due to language barriers.

Materials and Waste

  • We minimize and recycle waste.
    By promoting efficient use of materials and chemical products in a life cycle perspective we strive to reduce waste and, if it is produced, foresee that is handled in an environmentally sound and economically sustainable manner.

Climate and Energy

  • We reduce our carbon footprint.
    For instance by making calculations of our energy consumption in the workplace to find out where energy consumption can be reduced.


  • We follow the rules an ethics for a fair business.
    With NCC’s Suppliers Code of conduct being a part of all agreements and contracts with suppliers and subcontractors and approving all our subcontractor’s subcontractor’s before work begins, we take responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Portfolio performance

  • We aim to provide solutions to society.
    Through site-specific sustainability risk- and opportunity analysis we identify the best product, method or service for each situation.

Added value to society, customers and stakeholders

Together with customers and stakeholders we want to contribute to the UN Global Goals for Sustainability Development. Every day.