Sustainability organization

Sustainability issues are an integral part of NCC’s regular corporate governance, regarding which the Board of Directors, Senior Management Team and employees all have their clear roles.

The basic principle at NCC is that sustainability work must be managed and followed up in the same way as all other activities within the Group. This means that the CEO is ultimately responsible for sustainability work.


NCC’s Board of Directors is constantly kept informed about different aspects of the Group’s work, including what is covered by the sustainability framework. Different elements of the work are presented at Board meetings by the business areas or Group functions. The Board of Directors reviews and monitors that NCC is working in line with the Group’s goals. The Board’s audit committee is responsible for handling issues related to sustainability work and the associated reporting. At least once a year, the Board of Directors receives written reports on work within NCC’s regulatory compliance program and the Tell Me function.

Senior Management Team

NCC’s Senior Management Team is responsible for setting and following up on the Group’s sustainability goals. SMT regularly discusses Group-wide work and has some form of reporting at each meeting on issues covered by the sustainability framework. On two occasions during the year, SMT follows up on climate targets.

Business areas and Group functions

Each business area is responsible for its respective sustainability work. Common business objectives are set in each business area and followed up at regular business reviews. Furthermore, the various Group functions, such as Legal & Risk, Purchasing, Finance, IT, Communication and HR, are responsible for their sustainability-related activities, which may concern both Group-wide responsibilities and support for the business areas separately, as well as specialist functions.

Health and safety

Overall occupational health and safety work is coordinated by the Group’s Head of Health and Safety. Each business area has a health and safety manager and specialists who work on health and safety for everyone who is present at or comes into contact with NCC’s worksites. Responsibility for systematic occupational health and safety work in the worksite is delegated to managers with HR responsibility.

Environment and climate

NCC has a Common Environment Team, comprising representatives from each business area and relevant Group functions, to coordinate and take the lead on certain Group-wide environmental issues. This is where work is coordinated within the areas of the Group-wide sustainability framework that deal with the environment and climate. NCC also has a Sustainability Reporting Forum, with representatives from all the business areas and relevant Group functions, coordinating and driving sustainability reporting. The focus here is on Group-wide goals and sustainability data, as well as coordination of data collection and reporting. Each business area, in cooperation with its sustainability organization, reports the outcome of its goals.

Regulatory compliance

Work in the areas of business ethics and anti-corruption, anti-bribery and competition law is led by the Group’s Head of Compliance, who reports to the Senior Legal Counsel. NCC’s Group Compliance Committee (GCC), with representatives from selected Group functions, is responsible for following up on the implementation of NCC’s compliance program and for ensuring that reports of suspected serious irregularities and violations of the Code of Conduct are handled appropriately. The operational work on business ethics and compliance is conducted in the business areas and is led by the respective business unit’s Legal & Risk function. The work is regularly followed up by the Group’s Head of Compliance, and those responsible meet regularly in the BA Compliance Forum. NCC’s purchasing organization and HR function are responsible for the process for monitoring the safeguarding of human rights.