Sustainability organization

The CEO is ultimately responsible for NCC’s sustainability efforts and NCC’s SMT takes decisions concerning which of the Group-wide sustainability targets are to be followed up. The sustainability work is conducted in the five business areas and is coordinated regularly both by country and at the Group level when relevant.

Operations-specific sustainability targets are set in the business areas, which are followed up in the SMT through the relevant Business Area Manager. All business areas have a sustainability manager. The Board of Directors is informed continuously about various aspects of the Group’s sustainability work. The Board of Directors reviews and follows up both sustainability work and strategy, and that NCC’s operates in line with the Group’s sustainability targets.

NCC’s Sustainability Board manages NCC’s Group-wide sustainability-related data. Permanent members are the business areas’ sustainability managers, the Head of Sustainability Governance, the Head of Sustainability Communication and representatives of R&I and Purchasing. Representatives from other parts of the Group participate when required. The Sustainability Board has been mandated to make decisions for NCC concerning sustainability matters, together with NCC’s Sustainability Sponsors: the CFO and Head of Finance & IT and the Head of Communication. The managers of each business area, in collaboration with their sustainability organization, reports the outcome of their targets. Group-wide targets and initiatives are coordinated by the Sustainability Reporting and Control unit.

The Sustainability Reporting Forum, which consists of members of the business areas’ sustainability organization, mainly focuses on targets and sustainability data, and coordinates data collection and reporting. In addition, the various Group functions, such as Communication, Purchasing, Finance, Strategy and HR, are responsible for their own sustainability-related activities.

Compliance organization

NCC’s compliance-related efforts are conducted via the NCC Group Compliance Officer together with selected representatives from Group staff functions and all business areas.

Health and safety organization

The overall occupational health and safety work (OHS) is coordinated by the Group’s Head of Health and Safety. Each business area has a health and safety manager, as well as specialists focusing on health and safety. The responsibility for systematic OHS work at the worksite is delegated to managers with personnel responsibility.