Sustainability Targets

NCC collaborates to achieve the goals of the Fossil-Free Sweden initiative and is now implementing the roadmap for a fossil-free construction industry.

The sustainability targets for 2020 are part of NCC’s strategy, and are followed up and reported annually. In our annual report, you can read more about this year’s outcome and how we work towards achieving the targets.

Our long-term goals extend beyond 2016 – 2020 and are complemented by a selection of the UN’s global sustainable development goals (SDGs). Learn more about how NCC is affected by these global goals here.

We work in a zero accident environment

“We work in a zero accident environment”

- 2020 target: 50% reduction in accidents

We close the loop

“We close the loop”

- – 2020 target: 70% of NCC’s building and construction waste is reused or materials recycled, and the number of tons of building and construction waste per SEK M of turnover decreases.

We are climate neutral

“We are climate neutral”

- – 2020 target: 50% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

We are a trustworthy partner acting with high ethical standards and transparency.

“We are a trustworthy partner acting with high ethical standards and transparency.”

- – 2020 target: A strong compliance culture at NCC and proactive compliance work.

We provide superior sustainable solutions

“We provide superior sustainable solutions”

- – 2020 target: Increase net sales of sustainable products, services and concepts