Target outcome

NCC collaborates to achieve the goals of the Fossil-Free Sweden initiative.

Climate and Energy

NCCs goal is to be clime neutral in 2045, this work in executed in our processes and together with our customers and other stakeholders.

  • Reduced energy use and less GHG emissions
  • Climate adaptation
  • Biodiversity as an asset


Reduction in CO2e emissions: 42 %.

Carbon emissions, related both to purchased fuels and to electricity, district heating and district cooling have declined since the base year 2015. This was due to energy-efficiency improvements, an increased use of renewable fuels and a transition to electricity from renewable sources. Relative to sales, NCC’s greenhouse gas emissions from own operations have been reduced by 42 percent since 2015.

Health and Safety

Our goal is secure and healthy workplaces where our employees are motivated and knows the rules and guidelines. We work with our structure and culture to reach our targets.

  • Safe and secure worksites
  • Design and choices of materials that promote good health for all stakeholders in the value chain


Accident frequency declined from 7.0 in 2019 to 6.7 in 2020, which is the lowest level recorded since the measurement began. NCC is working proactively and NCC’s work is described in the section on Health and Safety. Occupational health and safety continues to be one of our long-term targets and
after 2020 we will measure and present the outcome in LTIF 42).