Novo Nordisk Farma Oy: ”Something new and different”

”The new office is smaller but has an increased sense of space. It is also more functional and more comfortable,” says Kalle Anttila, Finance Director at Novo Nordisk Farma Oy.

Novo Nordisk is the world's leading company in the development of forms of treatment for diabetes. It is also an industry leader in the areas of menopausal hormone treatment, dysplasia and blood clotting disorders. The global Denmark-based company has operated for more than 90 years.

We moved in to Alberga Business Park at the beginning of April, right after Building C was completed. The distance from our old office wasn't very great but, through the move, we wanted to update not only our office premises, but also our way of working and thinking, Anttila says.

An impressive space

Novo Nordisk did not want to lose the good location and transport connections offered by already familiar Leppävaara. Once the correct space was found, its design was started from scratch.

"At first, we didn't even know what we wanted, except that it had to be something different – something which supports our new way of working and our new working culture," Anttila says.

The new office is an impressive sight; consisting of a light-filled lounge, a team area suitable for different working styles, a library, conference rooms, nooks, phone booths and an open space. The total area of the office located on a single floor is nearly 1,000 m2. The general impression reflects the atmosphere and colours of a global company.

Good tools for productive working

The modern multi-use office concept has been accepted with joy. As always, some queries were at first raised because, now, most employees do not have their own workstations. Anttila considers this to be refreshing and thought provoking.

"Office premises are significant in terms of enjoyment and quality of work. Currently, employees expect their employer to invest in premises and offer good tools for successful working."

"Working with NCC was productive. We were able to quickly fulfil all of our wishes and needs that required flexibility and patience," Anttila says.