Regus: ”Flexibly according to needs”

”When Regus moved in to Building C at Alberga Business Park, the sixth floor evolved into an enjoyable office hotel. Nearly every room is taken,” General Manager Heidi Rantanen says.

Regus is specialised in offering flexible office solutions for companies of all sizes according to their needs. Individual entrepreneurs may pop in to the lounge for a few hours, or companies can lease an office for a large group of employees for two years.

"Our business model is easy and functional for our customers because we produce all of the office services that companies need under a single roof, allowing them to focus on their key business," Rantanen says.

A magnificent location

Regus operates globally in more than 100 countries, 600 cities and 2,000 sites. The office hotel at Alberga Business Park was opened in April 2014. The entire sixth floor was tailored according to the wishes of Regus in profitable cooperation with NCC.

"There are furnished offices of different sizes, most of which have already been leased out. Operating on a single floor is useful because, in this way, all of the services companies need, including a reception desk, are easily accessible," Rantanen says.

"Alberga has an excellent location and is an attractive area with all of its wonderful services and transport connections. The spaces offered by the modern and ecological Business Park are perfect for us, and provide our customers with a magnificent flagship location."

According to customers

The office hotel has modern, streamlined Scandinavian decoration. The leased offices are furnished and tailored according to customers' wishes. The number of workstations can be modified through different furniture solutions and the interior design can be adapted according to the appearance of each company.

In Finland, Regus has grown rapidly through business acquisitions. It has more than 30 units around Finland, and the company will continue on the same growth path.

"Considering the future, we have already acquired more space from Building D at Alberga Business Park. After its completion, the new building will offer a seamless extension to our premises," Rantanen says.