Brick Studios, Masthuggskajen, Gothenburg

When Järntorget merges with Gothenburg’s inner city, a totally new city district will be created, where flexible and sustainable office premises are an important element. Move into a newly created area that will be bursting with life and creativity!

Masthuggskajen – Part of the sustainable city

The neighborhood around Järntorget has a proud tradition of commerce, which in recent years has been complemented by a big city pulse in the form of restaurants and a rich cultural offering. A totally new city district is taking shape here. A vital place, ideal for businesses that depend on creative input and energy. The new city district of Masthuggskajen is one of the first projects in Sweden to be fully certified in accordance with Citylab, an industry organization in the field of urban development initiated by the Sweden Green Building Council.

The premises

Brick Studios will be completed at Masthuggskajen in 2023. NCC’s third office building, Habitat 7 – a unique, eight-story wooden building – is being built along Masthamnsgatan, just after Brick Studios. 

Brick Studios is a property that stands out, both in its offering and in its design. The building can be seen from a distance and helps to give this new city district a characteristic look. It is a cross-cultural building with a great aura, where businesses and personalities of different kinds can meet and form a new dynamic whole. A place for unexpected encounters and collaborations between different individuals, companies, organizations, industries and movements. At street level, you will find the coworking operator Mindpark, together with a number of different restaurants and a boutique gym.

There is only one office space left to rent in Brick Studios. It is on level 14 and covers 312 sq.m.

The properties are environmentally certified in accordance with BREEAM. When we at NCC develop a new property, we take as our starting point areas as diverse as sociology and cognitive science, organizational science, environmental technology and medicine. Carefully thought-out premises that are adapted to the tenant result in healthier, more productive employees and stronger customer relationships. Better business, quite simply. 


A wealth of public communications on the doorstep allows you to travel sustainably to Masthuggskajen. Accessibility by bicycle is planned from the outset, and Järntorget offers tram services in four directions. The Haga station on the West Link is nearby, and boat connections are planned by the river.

  • Anders Wester - Göteborgs Bildbyrå